Program and reservation

Program and reservation



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At Identità Golose Milano, the restaurant is open at lunch from Monday to Friday, from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM. The lunch menu has been designed by our resident chef Alessandro Rinaldi under the supervision of Andrea Ribaldone: an attractive business lunch for 35€, with the option of ordering à la carte.


Every week, from Wednesday to Saturday, from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM, we will have our guest chef, selected among the main personalities in the Italian and international culinary scene. This is a great chance to live a unique culinary experience at the cost of 75€ for a 4-course meal, wine pairing and entrées included. Take a look at our schedule and book your dinner!


Every Monday and Tuesday, from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM, our customers will be able to choose from an á la carte menu created by Andrea Ribaldone and Alessandro Rinaldi. The offer will hinge on dishes that already became classics at Identità Golose Milano, such as the Spaghettone Monograno Felicetti in its several interpretations and the Milanese Identità. Each week, the chefs will also devise some new special dishes that will complete our offer. Finally Franco Pepe’s pizzas will be available at dinner.


19:30 e 21:00

Finally together: IdentitÀ Golose Milano is back with Philippe LÉveillÉ | Miramonti L'Altro, Concesio (Brescia)

During these long weeks of lockdown we patiently waited for the day we could reopen the doors of our Hub. And now we’re finally back, with all the necessary safety measures, the spirit that’s always been the heart and soul of Identità Golose Milano and an immense desire to host our delicious dinners again. We decided to have a symbolic re-opening with the chef who was very first guest of via Romagnosi’s second year. Philippe Léveillé is a leading figure of the French culinary scene who found in Italy his professional home and, a little later, started a family with his long-time associate Daniela Piscini, charming and thoughtful host at his restaurant with her brother Mauro. The truest and most exciting identity of Miramonti l’Altro in Concesio resides precisely in this successful blend between France and Italy.

19:30 e 21:00

A family affair: a taste from Vercelli from the Costardi Bros | Cinzia - da Christian e Manuel, Vercelli

Christian and Manuel Costardi’s is a story of passion and imagination. Using the latter they envisioned their future restaurant, which then became a reality thanks to their passion. They had an ingredient to reimagine, Vercelli’s famous rice, and the restaurant in their family’s hotel, where they could grow. And if in those early days their truly delicious risotto was essential to their success, two brothers so tight and yet so different from one another, today it would be terribly wrong to identify that dish as main attraction of this restaurant. The Costardi Bros are now a staple in Italian dining, and we’re happy they’re back at Identità Golose Milano. 

19:30 e 22:00

La carta di IdentitÀ Golose Milano

The menu, designed by chefs Andrea Ribaldone and Simone Maurelli, ranges from Identità Golose Milano’s classics, such as the Spaghettone Monograno Felicetti in its several interpretations and the Milanese Identità, to Franco Pepe’s pizzas. Each week, the chefs will also devise some new special dishes that will complete and enrich our offer.

19:30 e 21:00

Doughs of joy: the delicious creations of the pizza-researcher Renato Bosco | Renato Bosco, San Martino Buon Albergo, Verona

Renato Bosco was one of the main actors in the success of contemporary pizza in our country. From his headquarters in San Martino Buon Albergo (Verona), he began his relentless, curious and passionate research on types of dough, texture, structure and raw materials. To Bosco, pizzology is an even more lively and dynamic matter than yeast. Every tasting course he devises becomes a constant, enjoyable and delicious surprise, and we can’t wait to find out what he’s going to cook for our guests at the Hub in this special night.

19:30 e 21:00

From Milano to Nerano: a tasting journey with Taverna del Capitano | Taverna del Capitano, Massa Lubrense (Napoli)

The Caputo family’s Taverna del Capitano, with over 50 years of activity, is a true institution in Italy’s and Campania’s dining. Alfonso Caputo, who took charge of the restaurant’s kitchen in 1994, marked an important turning point in its story, bringing to his hometown the experiences he made with some great masters such as Gualtiero Marchesi and Georges Blanc, and eventually winning a Michelin Star. His signature style is a constant celebration of the best ingredients of a plentiful land, from the vegetables grown in the gardens of the Costiera to the quality seafood of the Nerano bay. 

19:30 e 21:00

Andrea Ribaldone presents the new chef of Osteria Arborina: Enrico Marmo | Osteria Arborina dell'Arborina Relais, La Morra (Cuneo)

Andrea Ribaldone, after his successful experience at Identità Expo, is the chef who’s been running the kitchen at Identità Golose Milano since its opening. Born in Lombardia but Piedmontese at heart, for a few years he has also been in charge of Osteria Arborina in La Morra (Cuneo), with which he won a Michelin Star. Proving his exceptional skills as talent scout, Ribaldone has now decided to entrust the Osteria’s kitchen to a young talented chef with a remarkable experience. Born in 1987 in Canelli (Asti), Marmo features several notable names in his resume: he worked at Gellius in Oderzo (Treviso), with Carlo Cracco in Milan, in the Roero region with Davide Palluda as a sous chef, and then his debut as a chef at Balzi Rossi in Ventimiglia, where he stayed for three years. Now he goes back to his beloved Piedmont after a year in Tuscany at Castel Monastero, a classy five-stars. These two special dinners will give us the chance to taste the dishes he created for his new guests in the Langhe.